What Can Happen if I Aim For Resistance, But Using 1RM?

Training muscular strength is something common for high-performance athletes, bodybuilders, young individuals, and older adults. It’s becoming increasingly clear that in the world of fitness and physical training, a common goal for everyone is to improve muscular strength. This is because having good muscular strength is beneficial not only for weightlifters themselves but also for […]

Weight Training For Weight Loss

Weight Training to Lose Weight – Still Underrated An analysis of twelve systematic reviews and 149 studies published in the prestigious Obesity Reviews highlights the three key pillars to keep in mind when formulating a weight loss training strategy (Bellicha et al., 2021): “Aerobic training is more effective than weight training for weight loss”. We […]

Benefits of Resistance resistance training

Resistance training is Medicine: Benefits of Resistance Training Cardiometabolic Health Not long ago, resistance training was considered solely as an activity for exceptionally muscular men competing in weightlifting sports. The rest of the population saw no reason to engage in resistance training, and even high-performance athletes tended to avoid such sessions because they believed it […]

All About Max Effort Training

Max Effort Training – What is it? Louie Simmons was an American weightlifter and strength coach. One of the most important pieces of his legacy was the “conjugate method”. The creator of Westside Barbell, he gathered all his learnings as an athlete and as a coach for his athletes to obtain maximum performance based on […]

Dynamic Strength & Conditioning Training: 15 Exercises for Strength Development

What’s Dynamic Strength & Conditioning Training Dynamic strength and conditioning training are conducted with the objective of improving the ability to exert force repeatedly and continuously over time. Sessions include strength and fatigue endurance exercises (Wong, 1980). These exercises involve movement, unlike isometric strength training in which there is work, but the muscles and joints […]

How to Build Mental Toughness in High School Athletes

Sport has many positive aspects for kids and teens, as well as for adults. However, when it’s elevated to a high level, the psychological state of people, especially teenagers, must be very well controlled. If it is already difficult to manage stress, fatigue, pressure, training and all the other situations of daily life for an […]

Can you Change The Type of Muscle Fiber of Your Athletes?

How Interesting it is to Change Your Athletes’ Muscular Fibers? Skeletal muscle contains a heterogeneous composition of different fiber types on a continuum from slow to fast, which causes them to have different performances. Within each bundle of fiber types there are also structural and functional differences (Plotkin, Roberts, Roberts, Haun, & Schoenfeld, 2021). In […]

Undulating Strength Periodization for Young Athletes

What’s Undulating Strength Periodization?  Strength training results in numerous performance and health-related benefits in youth and adults. These benefits include improvements in athletic performance, musculoskeletal health, muscular strength, power and endurance, motor performance including jumping ability, balance and coordination, and cardiovascular and metabolic health (Faigenbaum et al., 2009). To obtain maximum benefits from strength training […]

The Different Types of Muscle Strength

Muscle strength is a physical capacity that has proven to have great health and performance benefits. Several years ago, cardiovascular training was the goal of every athlete and every person when talking about physical exercise. In fact, “fads” such as jogging, running or spinning emerged. All of them aimed at improving cardiopulmonary capacity. The increase […]