How to Start with Movement Training? – Mobility Training Exercises for Beginners

At some point, we are all beginners in the world of fitness, and when we start a training program, the mistakes are usually very similar. We begin to focus on a specific goal, whether it is aesthetic aspects such as weight loss or hypertrophy, or physical capabilities such as strength, endurance, and speed. But we overlooked the basic elements of developing these qualities as best as possible: postural hygiene and joint mobility. Before using ultra-modern machines that can provide us with the smallest details, we must understand our own body and how it moves. Exercise is considered to be the state of the body when it changes place or position. This is what we must pay attention to when we start training. If your relationship with the fitness world is minimal, you may have heard of heard “animal flow”, “movement training” or some similar words in recent years, but you don’t really know what it means or what it consists of.


Movement Training

The idea of ​​movement training is very simple: it consists of a series of movements that are usually performed on the ground in a smooth manner. The purpose is to make everyone who wants to practice it easy to approach and reach, and can be as safe as possible. Practice under the circumstances. This continuous contact with the ground makes it possible to constantly seek joint mobility and stability. If you see a sports training course for the first time, you may think it is very complicated, changeable and confusing. However, this is not the case. There are some modes and abilities that are the basis and transfer of most movements and can be used to perform.

  • Walking and running
  • Squats
  • Hip flexion
  • Fold (forward and backward)
  • Brace and climb
  • Spin and throw
  • Single-leg-balances
  • Coordination
  • Falls and somersaults

Practicing these fundamental patterns as the foundation of your training will enable you to acquire more advanced skills. Maybe, if you have never done these movements or are not used to them, they may not appear perfectly, but you should not give up. We all intuitively know that to be good at everything, we need consistency. They say that it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a skill. It is not achieved by trying once or twice and then giving up. Therefore, regardless of how you decide to structure your movement practice, if you want to make real progress, you must exercise regularly.

How to Start with Movement Training? - Mobility Training Exercises for Beginners

How Do I Start?

As we mentioned before, many action sequences are nourished by the basic patterns we must master, but…how do I do this? To build these movements and make them outstanding, we must start with the simplest and simplest movements and continue with more complex variants. Once we have a solid foundation for the sport, we can connect it to other sports in a smooth way. Then, once you have mastered the basics, you will enter the interesting part: improvisation, where you can flow, experiment and produce things that are unique to you. This is not a typical training performed in all fitness studios following Wade’s principles. No, it is unique and created by you.

In order to achieve this, we must first master the action, and for this we will always follow the same pattern: isolation-integration-improvisation.



  • Isolation. First, we will practice the most basic and simple exercises by dividing them into sequences and actions. For example, we will use Kick Throughs exercises. We start from the starting position, divide different actions, and perform them separately. Once we understand them, we will move on to the next step.
  • Integration. We already know that there are 3 key actions, one is to bend the hip with one leg like a climber, the other is a posture with one knee in front and one hand supporting it, and the last posture is when we lift the leg with one leg in the front. We are integrating these 3 actions until the liquid flows out and we have constructed the elements.
  • Improvisation. We finally come to the interesting part. We have mastered this exercise, we know how to do it automatically, and we even practiced some variations. Now is when we have to put it together with other exercises in a constant movement in which we change position, we play, we know our body and how it moves, in short, we flow in it.

How to Start with Movement Training? - Mobility Training Exercises for Beginners


Mobility Exercises for Beginners

In the sedentary world we live in, most people suffer from mobility problems, especially hips, ankles, shoulders and chest. This may also be your case. You may have tried exercises that you couldn’t do as you wish due to inconvenience.

Ido Portal is one of the creators of this training model.

Next, we will leave a list of very useful exercises that can be implemented in your exercises to improve activity:

  • Cat-camel
  • Bird- dog
  • Stride + Thoracic rotation
  • Shoulder extension
  • Bear kick through
  • 90-90
  • Bear to crab
  • Basic movements “Animal Flow”
  • Different ways of walking “Animal Flow”
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