RFD (Rate of Force Development) Curve and Velocity-Based Training

Neuromuscular strength is a physical capacity that has gained great relevance in the world of training in recent years. Where today strength training takes place 40 or 50 years ago, endurance training took place. Strength has gained so much weight in the training industry because it has been shown that other physical capabilities stem to […]

Training to Improve Speed in Young Athletes

What is speed and how is it trained in young athletes? Speed is a physical ability that determines, on many occasions, the triumph of sports performance. Speed is crucial for a large number of sports, from the well-known football to tennis and even athletics. Speed often determines a performance result. In swimming, for example, swimming […]

How Many Days Should I Rest Per Week?

Surely, you’ve already taken a multiple-choice test or had an option in which all the previous ones were correct. That happens when we ask ourselves “how many days of rest should I have per week?” Multiple answers are valid since there is no single solution. It will depend on our level of training, the qualities […]

How Much Weight Should I Lift to Reach My Full Potential?

First, you should know what the weight of your maximum rep (1RM) is. Image extracted https://www.pexels.com/es-es/foto/hombre-acostado-mientras-hace-barra-2204196/ To know the weight we have to lift we have to know how close or far it is from our weight of a maximum repetition (1RM). The weight of a maximum repetition is the load we can lift only […]

Deload Week for muscle and strength Explained – When and How

When we plan a season we put on the calendar the moments where we will need to be fresher to compete, so training sessions should not be a great stress. Based on this, we periodize an alternation of training blocks that will have a greater impact with others that will help us recover. The discharge […]

 Recommended Clusters to Gain Strength and Power

Cluster method: what it consists of Image extracted from https://unsplash.com/es/fotos/h4i9G-de7Po The traditional method for strength training consists of performing a certain number of repetitions, followed by ample rest until a new series is performed. The cluster is a strength training methodology that introduces breaks within the same series.  This technique introduces more shorter breaks within […]

Top Change of Direction Drills You Must Practice

Are you a soccer player who wants to juke your competition? Or a basketball player who wants to fly by their opponents, leaving them wondering what to do? Perhaps your athletic success in these situations is always going to depend on how well you change your direction. Therefore, the only way to master this art […]

How To Improve Your Reaction Time Training

Sports and athletic performance often overlook the importance of reaction time. It refers to the time it takes for your peripheral and central nervous systems to receive, process, and respond to a stimulus. It can be a visual signal (seeing), an auditory signal (hearing), or a kinesthetic signal (touching). When you hear a gun firing, […]

Static or Dynamic Stretching: Which One Is Best?

The importance of stretching cannot be overstated when it comes to any workout routine. Regardless of the type of physical activity, you engage in, stretching your muscles before and after can improve your performance and prevent injury. But what is the right way to stretch? The most basic form of stretching is bending and flexing […]

Essential Dynamic Warm-Up For Any Athletes

Every training session should start with a dynamic warm-up, no matter the goal, the ability level, or the sport. By developing an athlete’s/lifter’s mental and physical readiness to train at higher intensities with improved injury resilience, the dynamic warm-up will enhance their mental and physical readiness to train at higher intensities. In this article, we […]