Squat Velocity: Discover the Right Speed for Your Training

The squat is one of the most important exercises for strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities. To achieve optimal performance with this fundamental exercise, it’s crucial to consider the speed and type of muscle contraction, as they impact muscle activation, strength, and power (Lee & Lee, 2018). In this article, we’ll delve into squat […]

ROUNDTABLE – The Science Behind VBT: How to Apply it to Improve Strength and Conditioning in Your Athletes

Delve into the scientific principles underpinning VBT and its application in strength and conditioning programs. Gain insights into monitoring and adapting training loads for enhanced athlete performance. Discover practical tips for integrating VBT seamlessly into your coaching routines. What You Can Expect: 1. Insights from Industry Experts: Meet our esteemed panelists, including Gerry DeFilippo, Justin […]

Preventing Injuries & Recovering Athletes With VBT

Preventing Injuries & Recovering Athletes With VBT

Bar Speed Track Devices Are The Best Option To Reduce And Recover From Injuries Strength training in team sports has a significant impact on overall performance improvement as well as on minimizing the risk of injuries and the return to training and competition after an injury (Lauersen et al., 2014; Maestroni et al., 2020). The […]

Velocity Based Training For Powerlifters

Velocity Based Training (VBT) is a type of training that allows you to know how hard you are training for each repetition of the workout. VBT is a system that is not new and does not work for all sports, but, nevertheless, it helps a lot to monitor the training load and the progress of […]

Vbt and S&C, a winner combination for elite athlete’s

VBT to Improve Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Velocity-based training (VBT) is one of the most exciting strategies for strength and conditioning (S&C) training. The use of increasing technology to measure the speed at which we move the load has made the association between VBT and S&C training a clear winning combination (Balsalobre-Fernandez & Torres-Ronda, 2021). […]

The Science Behind the Olympic Lifting. How Coaches Can Use VBT

The Olympic lifting or Olympic lifts are exercises increasingly known by the population. The development of Crossfit or weightlifting has made people who had no idea what a “jerk” was know how to perform a squat, a pull-up or know the “overhead” squat. As we have said, the advancement of Crossfit, a discipline that uses […]

Workload Management for S&C Trainers with VBT Technology

Workload for strength and conditioning coaches: why is it essential to work with VBT technology? A strength and conditioning coach must administer the workload as precisely as possible to obtain maximum results with minimum fatigue. Velocity-based strength training (VBT) is the fastest and most optimal way we currently have to control whether the administered load […]

Boxer Velocity, Strength and Explosiveness Training

Why is velocity training important for the boxer? Image taken from Roman Aguila (Unsplash) The main objective of boxing is to land a clean blow to the opponent without receiving any in return. The greater the impact against the opponent’s head or torso, the greater the likelihood of success in achieving a knockdown or knockout, […]

Difference Between Rotary and Linear Encoders

What is an encoder?  What is a motion velocity analyzer? An encoder is a motion sensor that generates digital signals in response to motion (1). Encoders can provide users with information on the position, velocity and/or direction of all types of machinery (2).  Encoders are generally used to measure one or more specific parameters about […]