Boxer Velocity, Strength and Explosiveness Training

Why is velocity training important for the boxer? Image taken from Roman Aguila (Unsplash) The main objective of boxing is to land a clean blow to the opponent without receiving any in return. The greater the impact against the opponent’s head or torso, the greater the likelihood of success in achieving a knockdown or knockout, […]

Difference Between Rotary and Linear Encoders

What is an encoder?  What is a motion velocity analyzer? An encoder is a motion sensor that generates digital signals in response to motion (1). Encoders can provide users with information on the position, velocity and/or direction of all types of machinery (2).  Encoders are generally used to measure one or more specific parameters about […]

Baseball Velocity Training: How to Throw Faster

Specific Training Needs of The Baseball Pitcher to Gain Velocity Image taken from Shane Stobbe (Unsplash) Pitching velocity is one of the most highly valued performance metrics in baseball. Since the radar gun was introduced in baseball in the 1960s, pitching velocity has become a major part of evaluating pitching talent (Erickson et al., 2020). […]

How To Measure Bar Velocity Step by Step

Reasons why it’s important to know how to measure bar velocity Image taken from Marvin Cors (Unsplash) The average velocity at which we move the bar can be used as a very good estimate of the relative load we are lifting. In 2010 this finding was first published in English (J. J. González-Badillo & Sánchez-Medina, […]

Velocity-Based Training (VBT): Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

Velocity Based Training can help you do a lot of great things in the gym to enhance your performance. However, there are probably some other things that you do not want to do. For example, VBT is not about getting fancy and making things complicated. There are some other things as well, which we are […]

Velocity-Based Training in High Schools and Colleges

High school athletes usually have a reduced ability to perform well in the field due to underdeveloped physiques, younger numerical and training age, and various other external factors. They also have to deal with daily challenges, including academic stress, family stress, travel stress, and even nutritional stress. For all these reasons, lifting is just a […]

5 Running Workouts To Increase Speed

Running has become a sport practiced by millions of people in the world. The New York or London Marathon is an event where thousands of people gather every year with the aim of covering 42,195 meters. Running is one of the earliest manifestations of human beings. In fact, Paleolithic or Neanderthal man are species of […]

Best Drill To Improve Your Speed And Agility Training

An athlete’s speed and agility training program should focus on training agility and explosive speed. It often comes down to an athlete’s ability to change directions quickly and move fast which determines the difference between good and exceptional performers in any sport.  The agility training workouts are a great way to develop balance, coordination, strength, […]

Plyometric Training: Increase Your Power

What Is Plyometric Training? Strength and fitness specialist Vladimir Zatsiorsky was the first to introduce the word plyometrics, back in 1966. The term justifies the use of the stretching reflex with this term that etymologically comes to mean an “increase in measurement” or an “increase in length” (Commetti Gilles & Perramón, 2007). Verkhoshansky, another of […]

Basketball Performance Training: Strength, Speed, and Agility

Contact sports can be grueling; you have to be quick, not just to carry the ball to the goal post but also to keep injuries at bay. For this reason, building strength, speed, and agility play a vital role in basketball performance training. Being a basketball player, you must move quickly, have a quicker response […]