Best Drill To Improve Your Speed And Agility Training

An athlete’s speed and agility training program should focus on training agility and explosive speed. It often comes down to an athlete’s ability to change directions quickly and move fast which determines the difference between good and exceptional performers in any sport.  The agility training workouts are a great way to develop balance, coordination, strength, […]

Plyometric Training: Increase Your Power

What Is Plyometric Training? Strength and fitness specialist Vladimir Zatsiorsky was the first to introduce the word plyometrics, back in 1966. The term justifies the use of the stretching reflex with this term that etymologically comes to mean an “increase in measurement” or an “increase in length” (Commetti Gilles & Perramón, 2007). Verkhoshansky, another of […]

Basketball Performance Training: Strength, Speed, and Agility

Contact sports can be grueling; you have to be quick, not just to carry the ball to the goal post but also to keep injuries at bay. For this reason, building strength, speed, and agility play a vital role in basketball performance training. Being a basketball player, you must move quickly, have a quicker response […]

Conditioning Circuit for High Performance Athletes

What are conditioning circuits?   Circuit conditioning is a combination of several exercises performed with no rest in between, or as little rest as possible. The objective will be to complete the conditioning circuit as quickly as possible or complete the maximum number of repetitions in a given time. Depending on the number of exercises […]

The 110m Hurdles: Technique, Drills, and Training

110m hurdles race is not like any other sprint on a track. Not only do you have to maintain your full speed on the track, but you also need to clear ten 42” hurdles while doing the best you can to reach the finish line before other opponents. So, it is not just about speed; […]

Design Team Workouts for Strength and Conditioning

Design Team Workouts for Strength and Conditioning Professional athletes have to work exceptionally hard to achieve strength and power at a competitive level. But they are not alone in their endeavor. Each of their moves has to be properly strategized and managed, something which is possible only with professional coaching. The most essential role of […]

Deadlift Vs Romanian Deadlift. Which Variation to Choose?

deadlift vs rdl

The deadlift is one of the most repeated strength exercises by all athletes who come to a gym. An exercise that focuses mainly on the muscles of the back of the body and that replicates very well the movement of taking any object from the ground (shopping bags, small children, any object that falls, etc. […]

Top 5 Exercises You Must Include In Your Leg Day Routine

Your legs contain a lot of muscle in the human body and as a result, strong legs are important for many sports and athleticism. The gym does not get the respect it deserves (especially because squats are heavy!) But for athletic performance and health, it is probably the most important. Before trying out difficult exercises, […]

The Effective Way To Train The Kettlebell Swing Exercise

kettlebell swings muscles worked

Quick overview: Over the past decade, Kettlebell swings have grown in popularity as a fast-moving full-body exercise. Initially, they were used to measure the weight of various goods, but they were later used in strength competitions. Today, they are popular in gymnastics such as CrossFit and athletic training programs. Because they are simple and easy to […]

The Most Efficient Barbell Exercises

barbell exercises

There are many reasons why people choose barbell exercises. Some try to build muscle, lose weight, or compete in bodybuilding. Other great consumers of this activity are athletes, as exercise continues to be a part of any sport. Athletes always want that competition, particularly in the off-season. The best way to attain this is by […]