What is the Lactate Threshold and How to Test It?

Lactate threshold refers to a person’s ability to perform aerobic exercises the fastest they can before the fatigue kicks in. Exercises performed close to this threshold lead to a sudden rise in blood lactate levels. Blood lactate is usually 1-2 mmol/L when you rest or perform low-intensity training. However, it rises to over 20mmol/L when […]

Best Endurance Training For Runners

Running is rarely approached the same way as strength training. It is often taken as unplanned jogs around the block, followed by sprints. But in actuality, running workouts that are targeted towards your specific fitness goals – for example, improving your sprint speed, getting fitter, or training for a marathon – make a big difference. […]

Hyperplasia vs. Hypertrophy: Building Muscle

Many people in the fitness domain are well-aware of the term hypertrophy, which refers to an increase in muscle fiber diameter. Quite recently, people have started discussing another process called hyperplasia, which has also become a topic of controversy lately. This term is also linked to muscle growth but in a different manner. According to […]

The Best Back Workouts for Athletes: Athletic Back Workout

Athletes tend to give all the credit to presses and lower-body exercises when it comes to athletic performance. Most commonly, you’ll hear about bench presses (max or for reps), max back or front squats, jumps, and sprints when someone asks about athletic performance tests. For athletes, these movements are often chosen as standard measures for […]

Weight Lifting Technology VBT for High-Performance Athletes

weight lifting technology

The use of tracking devices in weight lifting workouts has become more commonplace in recent years. More specifically, these devices continue to help velocity-based training evolve more than ever. Now, a brief look at VBT might leave you wondering if you need technology at all to improve the speed of your workout. But the fact is the […]

Velocity based training explained: the science behind it

Velocity based training explained

Several tools have started to show up on the market in recent years to help you measure your power and speed during resistance training workouts. The best thing about these tools is their benefits extend beyond the provision of figures that tell you where you stand. The most important thing of all is a progressing […]

Learn How Electrical Muscle Stimulators Work and When Really Use them

electrical muscle stimulation

What are electrical muscle stimulators (EMS)? Electrostimulation has become one of the most powerful tools in recent years. Over time, the sector electrical muscle stimulators have become increasingly professionalized and we have gone from the application of local electrodes with very small patches to systems fully packaged in electrostimulation suits. Electrical muscle stimulators emerges as […]

How Many Repetitions and Sets You Need to Increase Muscle Mass

how many reps and sets to build muscle

Many times, we see in social networks how influencers upload to their profiles “the best exercises” to increase muscle mass, of which, many leave a lot to be desired at the level of biomechanics, fiber involvement, etc. But if you want your workout, like a good meal to be excellent, the exercise selection is only […]

Explain The Main Balance Exercises For Athletes

Explain The Main Balance Exercises For Athletes

Explain The Main Balance Exercises For Athletes Balance is one of the most forgotten physical conditions in our time. Strength and cardiovascular training are the two main pillars of any workout and coordination, balance or velocity have been one step behind. However, we must emphasize that balance, or rather imbalance, can be a determining factor […]

Hockey Training to Gain Strength and Speed

Hockey player workouts to build strength and speed

Hockey is a highly practiced sport in some regions of the planet such as Canada or the United States. Ice hockey has its origin in Canada where a group of university students  decided to start creating the sport that today is practiced by more than 500,000 people in the United States. Among other things, the […]