How to Getting Faster at Sprinting?

How to getting faster at sprinting?

A multitude of sports disciplines, whether individual or team, although they have different qualities, the vast majority from the point of view of strength, have the same objective: to be able to move the load at a higher speed, and therefore, less time. In the case of sprint, we will be talking about the mobility […]

Improve Your Body Size by Lifting Weight Using VBT

lift for size

The gain of muscle mass and the gain of strength are one of the most sought-after qualities by those people who want to look with a better physique, achieve better marks in their respective sports modalities or improve their state of health. You may have tried different types of strength training, but you haven’t noticed […]

The Best 10 Single Leg Exercises for Runners

single leg exercises

Strength training has been one of the main resources that coaches have used in their athletes with the aim of increasing their sports performance. In the sports field, the vast majority of disciplines have a common categorical component: to be faster than the rival. Both in team sports and individual sports, being faster will help […]

How To Increase the Motivation of The Athlete in Strength Training

How To Increase the Motivation of The Athlete in Strength Training

In the world of training, the nutritional field and the training itself are fundamental if we want to progress and improve our performance, but the psychological aspect, often forgotten, is fundamental for anyone who wants to achieve success. Motivation is what makes the athlete act and behave in a certain way, that is, the way […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Concurrent Training

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Concurrent Training

Concurrent training is defined as that type of training in which strength work is combined with that of improving aerobic capacity simultaneously. Although as we already know strength training will always benefit sports where aerobic capacity will be the predominant such as long-distance running or cycling, especially if you work looking to move the loads […]

How Many Repetitions and Sets You Need to Increase Muscle Mass

how many reps and sets to build muscle

Many times, we see in social networks how influencers upload to their profiles “the best exercises” to increase muscle mass, of which, many leave a lot to be desired at the level of biomechanics, fiber involvement, etc. But if you want your workout, like a good meal to be excellent, the exercise selection is only […]

How To Know the Key Performance Indicators in Sport

How to know meaning key performance indicators in sports?

In recent decades, strength training in sports has become popular thanks to extensive scientific evidence that demonstrates with great veracity that it is a key tool to improve performance and prevent injuries. It is clear that strength is the gear that moves performance and can make you achieve maximum potential, but, even so, there are […]

All You Need To Know About The New Butterfly Pull-Ups Technique

All you need to know about the new butterfly pull ups technique

Quick Overview: A butterfly pull-up enables the combined training of strength, endurance, and coordination. Learn what butterfly pull-ups are, who they are for, and how the correct execution works.   What is the butterfly pull-up? The butterfly pull-up is a common variant of the pull-up that allows you to perform more repetitions in a shorter […]

How To Improve Vertical Jump in Basketball Players Using The VBT

How to improve vertical jump in basketball players using the VBT

What is a vertical jump? If you have ended up in this article, I understand that you already know what a vertical jump is, but do you know what the biomechanics of the jumps? The vertical jump consists of  a triple flexo-extension, that is, a flexion of the ankle, knee and hip simultaneously,followed by an […]

Plan Your Training for The Best Strength With VBT

encoder VBT

For some time now, velocity-based training has been making its way into the new paradigm of the world of sports training and fitness. It is increasingly common to see coaches or athletes with their own encoder in gyms, even so, it can be a slightly complicated tool to apply in the planning of your workouts […]