How to Build Mental Toughness in High School Athletes

Sport has many positive aspects for kids and teens, as well as for adults. However, when it’s elevated to a high level, the psychological state of people, especially teenagers, must be very well controlled. If it is already difficult to manage stress, fatigue, pressure, training and all the other situations of daily life for an […]

The Different Types of Muscle Strength

Muscle strength is a physical capacity that has proven to have great health and performance benefits. Several years ago, cardiovascular training was the goal of every athlete and every person when talking about physical exercise. In fact, “fads” such as jogging, running or spinning emerged. All of them aimed at improving cardiopulmonary capacity. The increase […]

The SAID Principle: How to Design an Effective S&C Program

Physical training can change the body. Over a long period of time, experts in physical exercise and training have been shaping the types of loads, training frequency, volume or intensity, among others, to offer the population the perfect combination to achieve a high level of sport. We know that if the organism is “threatened” by […]

The Science Behind the Olympic Lifting. How Coaches Can Use VBT

The Olympic lifting or Olympic lifts are exercises increasingly known by the population. The development of Crossfit or weightlifting has made people who had no idea what a “jerk” was know how to perform a squat, a pull-up or know the “overhead” squat. As we have said, the advancement of Crossfit, a discipline that uses […]

How To Get Your Team Ready for The Upcoming Season

The preparation for a new sports season begins with the end of the previous season. Athletes need rest, but we must keep in mind that the sooner a season ends, the sooner the next one begins. This period in which the coach and physical trainer meet to set up the next season is complex because […]

How to Build a Consistent Training Program for all Types of Sports

For both amateur and competitive sport, it’s important to maintain a good general physical condition. Each sport requires some special characteristics; being an Ironman distance triathlon athlete, where the training volume is very high, is not the same as training for the long jump. However, even though both training sessions are far from each other […]

Off-Season Training for Football Athletes

Football, today, is one of the most popular sports in the world. Before it, sports such as boxing or gladiatorial wrestling have been sports practices that have reached a very high level of fame. So much so that gladiator wrestling was known as “the opium of the people”. Football is a sport that currently enjoys […]

Skills You Want to Master If You Want to Be a Great S&C Coach

In the last decade, the importance of physical exercise for health and sports performance has gained great relevance among the population. So much so that in the last 30 years, more scientific studies related to physical exercise and performance have been published than in the previous 80 years. This is because sports science has been […]

How to Manage an Injured Athlete

Injuries are known to be the worst nightmare to everyone (athletes, people who work out or who don’t train at all…). Having an injury means to suffer a change in your movements. This means that the person will become dependent during the time of the injury and their daily life will not develop as always. […]