Accommodating Resistance Training – Bands and Chains in VBT

Power development is not only a key aspect in most sports activities, but also athletes’ capacity to generate power output is a strong indicator of sports performance. That is why strength coaches and sports scientists are constantly searching for new training methods and techniques that allow athletes to manifest their maximum power. One such method […]

Unique properties and adaptations followed by eccentric training. Part II

In the previous article we talked about the scientific background of eccentric training and its physiological characteristics. In this article we will take a look at the main physiological adaptations that occur after eccentric training. Contraction type appears to mediate a region-specific hypertrophy; eccentric training tends to induce greater increases in distal muscle size, while […]

Unique properties and adaptations followed by eccentric training

Everyone in the sports science world has ever heard of the pioneering work of Archibald V. Hill in 19221 and 19382 about the relationships among muscle force, velocity and power. His work not only derived in the award-winning of the 1922 Nobel Prize in Medicine but also it was a cornerstone of muscle physiology field […]

5 Testing Procedures Every Coach Should Master

Testing and data collecting are cornerstones of both sports coaches and scientist. During the last decades growing technology made testing simpler than ever. However, having the latest state of the art gadget does not equals getting the right data and improving the decision-making process to improve training programs. I´m a big fan of Nassim Taleb […]

Sleep as a Recovery and Performance-Enhancing Tool

Sleep is the most powerful recovery and performance-enhancing tool on earth Introduction Sleep is increasingly gaining attention among sport scientists and practitioners as an important element to optimise sports performance and recovery. In fact, due to its restorative aspect, sleep is a critical aspect of the recovery processes in athletes. Both physical and cognitive stress […]

Does Time of Day Affect Sports Performance?

Time to workout

Everyone knows that performance varies, even on a day-to-day basis. This variation is not trivial and you don´t need a fancy and complex methodology to detect it. We´ve all been there, running our best time, being the man of the match or nailing a PB one day and struggling with light weights, losing a race […]

5 Things You Can implement To Improved Your Training Environment

Either if you are a personal trainer dealing with a bunch of clients, the head of performance of a team or leading the strength and conditioning department of a training facility, setting up high working standards is what will differentiate success from failure. Building a fluid working environment, where thing runs smoothly, can save us […]

Reactive Strength Index and chart – RSI

An Introduction to Reactive Strength Index The Reactive Strength Index (RSI) was originally developed as part of the Strength Qualities Assessment Test (SQAT) used at the Australian Institute of Sport to evaluate and classify different athletes (mainly sprinters and jumpers) based on their strength qualities 1. The aforementioned testing battery included different strength-oriented assessments including: […]

Mean Propulsive Velocity vs Peak Velocity

Mean Propulsive Velocity vs Peak Velocity

Mean Propulsive Velocity vs Peak Velocity Velocity-Based Resistance Training has meant a paradigm shift in the way of conceiving the programming, control, and monitoring of strength training in recent times, in addition, its Implications go far beyond strength training itself, influencing the very concept of training for performance improvements. Using VBT has been proved to […]