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New Vitruve Apps


Vitruve’s new brand launch brings plenty of new features, such as the new encoder, and the new vision we have of the VBT, leaving behind the restricted range that Speed4lifts could have. In this case, I am going to expose the new features of the software and its future.

First of all, I would like to mention that everything that is going to be introduced in this blog refers to iOS, not to Android. With the change of brand to Vitruve, for the moment, we will not continue to support Android. Click here if you want to know why we no longer support Android.

The first thing we have to do, is to search through the App Store for the Vitruve app, with the following icon:

Speed4lifts, because of its initial vision, was conceived from its structure, in working with individual athletes, that is, for users who train on their own, powerlifters, weightlifters, etc.. That is why, in the apps, multi-athlete training and management was very tedious and in some cases impossible.

In this new update we have introduced 2 applications in one, on the one hand, an application for coaches, where to manage hundreds of athletes and on the other hand, the application for individual athletes.

At the moment, they work separately, but in the future it will be possible to connect them.

As soon as you enter the app, you will have to decide if you want to be an athlete or a coach, if you choose coach you will find the multi-athlete app:


Multi-Athlete App

This app has a free trial period, although it is an annual/monthly paid app.

Create your organization

Whether you are a gym, university or sports team, you will have an account with an administrator, where you can manage the teams, athletes and coaches that belong to your organization.

In this step, before creating any team or adding new athletes, you will create the first Coach:



Manage your athletes

In the image below we can see all the teams we have already created:

Here, we can see all the athletes, it doesn´t matter in which team they are playing, here you will see all of them.

If we open any team, we will be able to see and manage all the athletes inside of it:


This is one of the most important functions, since you can create different teams/groups to be able to group and identify your athletes according to the sport they practice, their level, or simply by putting a personalized name as if it were a folder, so that you can quickly access your athletes.

In addition, you will be able to add hundreds of athletes almost instantly. One of the biggest problems for coaches when using this type of technology is having to enter each athlete by hand, so we have tried to be as efficient as possible, and we have enabled two ways of inserting athletes:

[1] importing a CSV and [2] creating them from the app, but with the only requirement of entering their name and surname, so the creation of hundreds of athletes will not take more than 10 minutes.



Train with work groups

The idea is that you can have one iPad per rack (or per encoder), so you can select which athletes will work on each station, with a selector appearing on each of the screens, both in new training and in new RM equation, as well as in progress, so athletes can select their profile with a single click when it’s their turn to lift.




It is the star functionality, since the most immediate and effective effect of working with VBT is the motivation with which our athletes train, trying to surpass themselves, and in this case, encouraging competition among peers.

It is a real time ranking, where the trainer will be able to select on which variable he wants the board to be created (power, average speed, peak speed or maximum weight lifted) as well as which athletes participate in it.

Without a question, this is one of the features that brings the most benefits to athletes, since their motivation increases exponentially and thus their performance and their willingness to train.

Tracking Progress

By tracking all your athletes progress you will be able to make smart decisions. In addition to what you can analyze from the app, you can also export those workouts in CSV format to work with them from the computer.



Individual App

The individual athlete app will remain as it was until now, only with a new name, new aesthetics and some novelties, almost all referring to Bluetooth, which I describe below:




The new Vitruve encoder, works by Bluetooth, which has a lot of advantages as we developed in the encoder post. If you want to know how to connect it and use it visit our FAQ or our YouTube video where it is explained.

The rest of the new features of this app are internally, in the database, so you will not notice them in the short term, although they are decisive for the future. Other small improvements are:

  • Visual feedback for cutting velocity: a red line now appears on the screen when the intra-series cutting velocity fatigue is activated
  • You can now listen to music while you train: before, when you started a series with headphones, the music was cut off, now it is only turned down and continues at the end of the series
  • Encoder updates via app: when we have an improvement, we will send you a notification to the app and you can easily update the encoder
  • Percentage of encoder battery in the app
  • Automatic connection of the app to the encoder
  • Aesthetic and visual improvements!


The future of Vitruve

Here’s the news, but where are we going? From the beginning, we are devoting the maximum resources to the apps, since they are the point of interaction of the user with the VBT.

The next steps that Vitruve users could expect will be the creation of personalized exercises, having a stopwatch for the rest times between sets, the introduction of new tests… In addition, we will continue improving the multi-athlete apps to offer more advanced data analysis, force-time curves, acceleration…

All the news will be announced, and little by little you will have a better product than the one you acquired the first day, our goal is to be the most accurate and usable tool in the market, because we democratize the highest quality training for you. #VTBForYou

As always, I encourage you to help us keep improving, and leave your comment below what you like and what you would improve about our apps. I encourage you to leave your feedback here or privately when you try the new ones!


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