How to Master the Medicine Ball Slam Throw Technique

Do you want to enhance your overall strength and power? If yes, one of the ways to do this is performing medicine ball slam throws. This particular workout aims to improve overall cardiovascular conditioning, improve athletic performance, and develop core strength in a multi-directional way.

Now, you may wonder how this workout can help develop overall body strength and power when all it involves is a slamming throw against the ground using the arms’ movement. If performed with the right technique, a medicine ball slam engages your lower body and core. When performing this exercise, your cardiovascular system becomes more active to fulfill the energy demands of the body. As a result, your metabolism becomes pumped up and burns more calories.

medicine ball throw


Benefits of Medicine Ball Slam Throws

Medicine ball slams are one of the most valuable additions to your high-intensity training regimen because of their ability to engage every major muscle group in your body. The process of lifting and throwing a medicine ball works your biceps, shoulders, chest, and upper back more significantly.

This workout brings you the following benefits.

Full-Body Workout

Aside from the upper body, a medicine ball small throw also engages your lower body. In general, this workout requires well-established coordination between the upper and lower body to maintain the exercise flow.

While slamming a medicine ball, you give your glutes, abdominal muscles, spinal erectors, lower back, and rotator cuffs a fair bit of activity, provided that you use the right technique.

Improved Agility

Another significant benefit of medicine ball slam throws is that they help improve your agility. This workout stabilizes and strengthens your core, helping you overcome all the physical challenges you face throughout the day during work and other routine tasks.

Increased Metabolism

Increased metabolism is the signature benefit of medicine ball slams. This power-oriented, repetitive, full-body exercise prompts your cardiovascular system to work harder than usual. As a result, your working muscles receive more oxygen.

medicine ball throw


How to Perform Medicine Ball Slam Throws Precisely?

Medicine ball slam throws require a little extra space to perform the workout and a medicine ball. You may use any type of medicine ball, but a slam ball is a better option. This is because a slam ball is softer and doesn’t bounce back when you slam it on the floor. Hence, the risk of injury with this ball is minimal.

Now, we will discuss the steps involved in a slam ball slam throw.

  • First of all, stand tall with your feet distanced at a shoulder width from each other. Your knees and hips should be slightly bent. Hold the ball with both hands. Engage your core by rolling your shoulders back and drawing your abs towards the spine. This first step will help you attain the perfect initial posture for the workout.
  • Fill some potential energy in your body by squatting down slightly, inhaling, and putting body pressure on your heels. Now, rise on your feet balls and extend your hips and knees while getting out of the squatting position. This will power the swing of your arms while lifting the ball overhead. The ball should be just above your head and your arms extended. Keep your arms straight and make sure not to lean backward.
  • Slam the medicine ball between your feet using the power of your arms and core muscles. And while doing so, extend your hips backward and slightly bend your knees. Release the breath when slamming the ball.
  • Squat down to pick up the ball and get into the initial posture of this workout. While rising to this posture, make sure to use glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads.
  • Repeat the process until the set is complete.


Mistakes to Avoid

Perfecting your medicine ball slam throw technique involves avoiding mistakes just as following all the workout steps. Here is a brief overview of mistakes you should avoid when performing this workout.

Using a Too Heavy Ball

When performing this workout, you may feel tempted to use a heavier ball. However, this won’t be the right move in every case. The point of a medicine ball slam is to engage every muscle group of your body with maximum velocity and force. A heavy ball will affect the workout speed.

Trying to Accomplish Everything Too Fast

You do not want to go with a minute of slams followed by a minute of rest if you are new to medicine ball slams. One of the most important things about this workout is the perfect posture, which you won’t be able to achieve if you are in a hurry. It is alright to stick to five sets of no more than eight repetitions at the start.

Using the Wrong Medicine Ball

As mentioned above, you can use any type of medicine ball for slams, but it won’t be the safest option. Using a slam ball instead will allow you to perform the workout without fearing a strong bounce off the floor.

Not Using the Required Force to Perform Slam Throws

The main purpose of medicine ball slam throws is to build power, which you will not be able to achieve if your throws are not quite powerful. A powerful throw engages your core and lower body optimally, helping you achieve the workout objectives.

Not Working Your Entire Body

Although slamming a medicine ball against the ground seems to involve your arms more than other body areas, this workout actively involves your upper and lower body. The best way to check whether you are performing this workout with the correct technique is to perform it in front of a mirror.


Bottom line

A medicine ball slam throw is one of the best workouts to enhance power and performance, not just for being more athletic but also to increase your overall agility and energy levels. However, not using the correct technique or performing the workout erroneously will serve no good. This guide should help you perform medicine ball slams in a way that brings you all the workout benefits.

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