Skills You Want to Master If You Want to Be a Great S&C Coach

In the last decade, the importance of physical exercise for health and sports performance has gained great relevance among the population. So much so that in the last 30 years, more scientific studies related to physical exercise and performance have been published than in the previous 80 years. This is because sports science has been […]

How to Manage an Injured Athlete

Injuries are known to be the worst nightmare to everyone (athletes, people who work out or who don’t train at all…). Having an injury means to suffer a change in your movements. This means that the person will become dependent during the time of the injury and their daily life will not develop as always. […]

How To Motivate Athletes Who Feel Stuck?

Motivation is something very important to know how to manage any high-performance athlete and “amateur” sport. Many times, we coaches think that athletes become machines because they reproduce and reproduce workouts practically every day of their sporting life. However, it is very important that athletes do not stagnate and that they have clear goals and […]

TOP Characteristics You Are Looking for In an Athlete for Your Team

A team is formed from the qualities, abilities/skills and characteristics of each athlete. Each athlete’s characteristic is visualized in the team as a whole so that all together they form a competitive and efficient team. Selecting the people who will share the field during the competition is not an easy task. For example, during the […]

How To Recruit Athletes for Your Team

In previous blog articles we have seen what characteristics athletes must have for them to be recruited for a team. In this post we are going to focus on how we should carry out this recruitment process, what are the main variables to take into account and what we should focus on. Recruiting athletes is […]

Training to Improve Speed in Young Athletes

What is speed and how is it trained in young athletes? Speed is a physical ability that determines, on many occasions, the triumph of sports performance. Speed is crucial for a large number of sports, from the well-known football to tennis and even athletics. Speed often determines a performance result. In swimming, for example, swimming […]

5 Running Workouts To Increase Speed

Running has become a sport practiced by millions of people in the world. The New York or London Marathon is an event where thousands of people gather every year with the aim of covering 42,195 meters. Running is one of the earliest manifestations of human beings. In fact, Paleolithic or Neanderthal man are species of […]

The Importance of Measuring Your Glutes and Hamstrings Workout

Source: One of the most forgotten muscles in any gym in the world is the muscles of the legs. There are many people who focus on a training of the upper body and leave aside the improvements of the lower body. However, the legs should be the main part of the body in our […]

Deadlift Vs Romanian Deadlift. Which Variation to Choose?

deadlift vs rdl

The deadlift is one of the most repeated strength exercises by all athletes who come to a gym. An exercise that focuses mainly on the muscles of the back of the body and that replicates very well the movement of taking any object from the ground (shopping bags, small children, any object that falls, etc. […]

How to Increase Muscle Mass in Women

How to increase muscle mass in women

Weight training is something that is becoming very common among men and women of all ages. Today, looking better is the main cause for physical exercise for both men and women. However, this has not always been the case due to the imposition of the thought that a muscular woman was less feminine. Currently, the […]