Velocity Based Training Devices – Full Review [current_year]

VBT devices

Technological advances of VBT devices In the last 5-10 years there has been an increasing growth in the availability of sports science technology and performance equipment. With this increased access to technology, there have been more devices and companies that have started producing equipment for trainers. Velocity-based training has been around for a long time, […]

The SAID Principle: How to Design an Effective S&C Program

The SAID Principle: How to Design an Effective S&C Program

What’s the SAID Principle? The SAID principle owes its name to the acronym from the English phrase “Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands” (Fisher & Csapo, 2021). The SAID principle establishes that the human body will adapt specifically in response to the demands and stresses imposed upon it (Pearson et al., 2000). In simple terms, the […]

What Is An Explosive Strength Training Program Like?

explosive strength training program

What is Explosive Strength? Strength can manifest itself in static/isometric, dynamic/active, and reactive forms, although it does not occur purely as one of these, but rather simultaneously to generate movement, transmit it from one part of the body to another, and absorb impacts (Tous Fajardo, 1999). In the following figure created by Joaquín Vico and […]

Why Am I Struggling To Lift Heavier Weights?

Why Am I Struggling To Lift Heavier Weights_

Strength training has become a big deal in today’s society. More and more young folks realize that lifting heavy weights is a smart strategy for getting stronger and improving their body composition. However, lifting heavy has become somewhat risky thanks to influencers. When you start at the gym, the first thing you’ve got to understand […]

How To Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger

The gains in muscle mass and muscle strength are closely interconnected. Generally, greater muscle mass will result in greater strength. This is understandable when considering a very basic principle: strength equals mass times acceleration. Therefore, to have more strength, one must have more mass or move it more rapidly. This is why individuals with a […]

What Can Happen if I Aim For Resistance, But Using 1RM?

Training muscular strength is something common for high-performance athletes, bodybuilders, young individuals, and older adults. It’s becoming increasingly clear that in the world of fitness and physical training, a common goal for everyone is to improve muscular strength. This is because having good muscular strength is beneficial not only for weightlifters themselves but also for […]

How ROM Training Can Help You Gain Muscle Mass

The range of motion (ROM), which refers to the ability of our muscles to elongate, is a forgotten capacity in strength training. When discussing performance determinants in strength training, ROM is the least of the concerns. We often come across discussions about volume, intensity, frequency, or even training time, but ROM is not a variable […]

Countermovement Jump (CMJ): The Ultimate Test For Lower Body Power

countermovement jump

Countermovement Jump (CMJ) – The Ultimate Lower-Body Power Test Index The countermovement jump (CMJ) is a test during which the athletes squat to their preferred depth and then jump as high as they can. The primary purpose of this jump test is to measure the lower-body power and lower limb strength. Due to being more […]

RPE in Powerlifting vs Velocity Based Training (VBT)

Powerlifting is a sport that has gained a significant number of followers in recent years. This sport, which was virtually unknown in the 1990s, reached its peak in the early 2000s and now, in 2023, it has become a social phenomenon. I’m sure you’ve seen people in your gym performing the fundamental exercises (squat, deadlift, […]

Hyperplasia vs. Hypertrophy: Building Muscle

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people going to the gym with the aim of improving their physical fitness. While it is true that this increase in physical exercise levels has an effect on people’s health, when asked the main reason for going to the gym, it is always […]