5 Running Workouts To Increase Speed

Source: https://www.vitonica.com/carrera/nueve-tipos-diferentes-de-entrenamientos-de-running Running has become a sport practiced by millions of people in the world. The New York or London Marathon is an event where thousands of people gather every year with the aim of covering 42,195 meters. Running is one of the earliest manifestations of human beings. In fact, Paleolithic or Neanderthal man are […]

The Importance of Measuring Your Glutes and Hamstrings Workout

Source: https://www.myprotein.es/thezone/entrenamiento/ejercicios-peso-muerto/ One of the most forgotten muscles in any gym in the world is the muscles of the legs. There are many people who focus on a training of the upper body and leave aside the improvements of the lower body. However, the legs should be the main part of the body in our […]

Deadlift Vs Romanian Deadlift. Which Variation to Choose?

deadlift vs rdl

The deadlift is one of the most repeated strength exercises by all athletes who come to a gym. An exercise that focuses mainly on the muscles of the back of the body and that replicates very well the movement of taking any object from the ground (shopping bags, small children, any object that falls, etc. […]

How to Increase Muscle Mass in Women

How to increase muscle mass in women

Weight training is something that is becoming very common among men and women of all ages. Today, looking better is the main cause for physical exercise for both men and women. However, this has not always been the case due to the imposition of the thought that a muscular woman was less feminine. Currently, the […]

Here’s How Belt Squat Can Help You with Deadlift

belt squat

Squat: A Basic Exercise The squat is an exercise that is part of the basic routine of a large number of gym users. Although we have different variants, sumo squat, low bar squat, high bar squat, front squat, etc. The common squat is one of the most repeated exercises in any type of routine. The […]

Velocity Based Training – The Ultimate Guide

Velocity Based Training – The Ultimate Guide   What is Velocity Based Training? One of the latest updates on fitness trends positions VBT (Velocity Based Training) in a very good place. The control of the load through the speed of execution gives us very relevant information when training. Both professional athletes and amateur athletes already […]

Learn How Electrical Muscle Stimulators Work and When Really Use them

electrical muscle stimulation

What are electrical muscle stimulators (EMS)? Electrostimulation has become one of the most powerful tools in recent years. Over time, the sector electrical muscle stimulators have become increasingly professionalized and we have gone from the application of local electrodes with very small patches to systems fully packaged in electrostimulation suits. Electrical muscle stimulators emerges as […]

Power Training: How to Reach Your Full Potential

We Teach You The Best Workouts Routine For Jumping Higher

Leg strength is something that is extremely linked to better performance in virtually any sport. Strong legs are good for a football player (because he runs faster), for a dancer (because he has to make multiple jumps) or for a runner of the 100 meters ready (to be the fastest). We can therefore say that […]

Explain The Main Balance Exercises For Athletes

Explain The Main Balance Exercises For Athletes

Explain The Main Balance Exercises For Athletes Balance is one of the most forgotten physical conditions in our time. Strength and cardiovascular training are the two main pillars of any workout and coordination, balance or velocity have been one step behind. However, we must emphasize that balance, or rather imbalance, can be a determining factor […]

Agility Training for Footballers

Agility training for soccer players

Agility Training for Footballers Football has been and continues to be the king sport within the world of sports practice. From Spain to China, through Brazil and Cameroon, football is the most watched sport and that moves the most masses among all existing sports. Figures such as Pelé, Maradona, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are known […]