Weight Training For Weight Loss

Weight Training to Lose Weight – Still Underrated An analysis of twelve systematic reviews and 149 studies published in the prestigious Obesity Reviews highlights the three key pillars to keep in mind when formulating a weight loss training strategy (Bellicha et al., 2021): “Aerobic training is more effective than weight training for weight loss”. We […]

Olympic Barbell vs Standard Barbell

Brief Description of Both Olympic & Standard Barbells Olympic Bars have surpassed standard bars that were commonly used in most weightlifting facilities. While Olympic bars got their name from being primarily used for Olympic weightlifting, they are now increasingly seen in sports centers, whether commercial gyms or high-performance facilities. Due to their competitive use, these […]

Hockey resistance training, strength and speed

Features a Hockey Player Must Have Ice hockey requires high levels of strength, acceleration, speed, power, endurance, agility, and balance (Nightingale, 2014). Greater explosive strength and acceleration can make a player win the puck and have better offensive and defensive performance. Similarly, better performance indicators (KPIs) increase the athlete’s chances of success in their tasks, […]

Benefits of Resistance resistance training

Resistance training is Medicine: Benefits of Resistance Training Cardiometabolic Health Not long ago, resistance training was considered solely as an activity for exceptionally muscular men competing in weightlifting sports. The rest of the population saw no reason to engage in resistance training, and even high-performance athletes tended to avoid such sessions because they believed it […]

Barbell Velocity tracker for Strength Training

Barbell Velocity Tracker – What’s its Purpose? A Barbell Velocity Tracker connects directly or indirectly to the bar and calculates how far it has moved and how long it has taken to move. The use of barbell speed trackers is growing exponentially in recent years (Gonzalez-Badillo et al., 2022). The use of bar speed trackers […]

All About Max Effort Training

Max Effort Training – What is it? Louie Simmons was an American weightlifter and strength coach. One of the most important pieces of his legacy was the “conjugate method”. The creator of Westside Barbell, he gathered all his learnings as an athlete and as a coach for his athletes to obtain maximum performance based on […]

The Ultimate Velocity Based Training App

The VBT App Velocity-based strength training (VBT) is an alternative approach to strength training that has gained increasing attention (research). During VBT, training intensity is controlled by monitoring the concentric velocity of each repetition using devices designed to measure this variable. Until a few years ago, only elite athletes who could afford expensive equipment  to […]

When to Use Dynamic Effort vs Repetition Method?

The Westside system, developed by Louie Simmons, differentiates three training methods: maximal effort, dynamic effort and repeated or repetition effort (Simmons, 2022). The difference between them is the load used, the velocity at which we move the bar and the fatigue reached, or how close we get to muscle failure. The ideal is not to […]

Dynamic Strength & Conditioning Training: 15 Exercises for Strength Development

What’s Dynamic Strength & Conditioning Training Dynamic strength and conditioning training are conducted with the objective of improving the ability to exert force repeatedly and continuously over time. Sessions include strength and fatigue endurance exercises (Wong, 1980). These exercises involve movement, unlike isometric strength training in which there is work, but the muscles and joints […]

How is The Force-Velocity Curve Affected by Muscular Strength Training?

What’s The Force-Velocity Curve? In 1938, Hill reported a relationship between force and velocity in frog skeletal muscle and this formed a hyperbole (Hill, 1938). Since then, many researchers in the field of exercise physiology have been studying how strength training affects such a relationship between force and velocity (Sugi & Ohno, 2019). Gregory Haff […]