Curved Treadmill: How To Use It In Order To Improve Your Performance

There is a new trend in treadmills: the Curved Treadmill, a treadmill without a motor and with a running surface that is slightly inclined upwards at the front. A good reason to explain how these treadmills work and what advantages they have over classic treadmills with a motor.


This Is How A Curved Treadmill Works

One of the most important criteria when buying a classic treadmill is the motor: the more horsepower it has, the higher the maximum speed the treadmill can reach and the better the running quality. However, this does not apply to the Curved Treadmill, because it works without a motor. As the name suggests, Curved Treadmills have a curved sipe tread. This is set in motion solely by the muscle power of the runner.


Advantages Of Curved Treadmills

Treadmills without a motor are not tied to a maximum speed. The pace is practically unlimited and always as fast as the runner is running – perfect for HIIT and fast sprints. Users of curved treadmills are able to mimic more realistic running movements.  Pushing both backward and forwards requires the user to use their hamstrings.  As a result, the hamstrings are worked more than they would be on a regular treadmill.

Uncomplicated Operation

The Curved Treadmill is ready to go. Before starting your workout, you don’t need to make any settings to start the treadmill or wait for it to reach your desired pace. The Curved Treadmill reacts immediately to your running speed. You don’t have to press any buttons to adjust the pace during training either. This is ideal for high-speed runs because you can concentrate fully on running. The only technical extra is a display with basic functions, on which you can read your run values.

Treadmill Training Safety

On the Curved Treadmill, there is no risk that you will set a speed that is too high and then not be able to maintain it. As soon as you slow down or stop, the treadmill will also slow down. You can control the running speed yourself at any time. In order to change the tempo, you can also use your body position on the running surface: If you step on the front of the “curve”, the tempo increases. If you want to slow down, you switch to the rear area of ​​the tread. In addition, you can hold on to the arm bars to “slow down” your speed a bit.

Energy Friendly

Curved treadmills have an ecological advantage: Because they have no motor, they work without electricity. This saves energy and protects the environment. Batteries are only required for the small display. As they are independent of a power source, the treadmills can be set up freely in the room and without any cables getting in the way.


Improve Your Performance With Curved Treadmill

Training on the Curved Treadmill challenges the whole body. Because there is no motor, runners use more energy to drive them. Studies show that the calorie consumption on a curved treadmill is up to 30% higher than on a classic treadmill for the same training time. You can also use a linear encoder to track the progress.The “curved” shape also requires more muscles – similar to setting a slight incline on a classic treadmill.

Interval training is perfect for curved treadmills since they create a higher intensity workout. According to the experts, motorized treadmills exhibited higher physiologic intensity than non-motorized treadmills, resulting in higher overall results. Increasing the heart rate and maintaining it for as long as possible is a good way to burn calories. On a curved treadmill, you can effectively do just that.

The researchers showed that runners work 30 percent harder on curved non-motorized treadmills when compared to a standard treadmill. It has been proven that walking on the curved treadmill burns as many calories and provides similar cardiovascular benefits as running. In the study, when running at the same speed on a motorized treadmill, runners felt they were working 27 percent harder than when at the same pace on a traditional treadmill. Their physiological results matched: They consumed 32 percent more oxygen, their heart rates rose 16 percent more, their running cadence increased 2.5 percent.


A curved treadmill is for everyone, because on a treadmill without a motor, you can walk and walk slowly as well as run fast sprints. Due to its properties of unlimited speed and quick tempo changes without adjustment, they appeal in particular to a target group of ambitious runners who like to run fast and want to challenge themselves on the treadmill again and again. Curved treadmills are also something for minimalists who just want to run and can do without many training programs and extra functions when running at home. And of course for friends of the environment, because the Curved Treadmill does not consume any electricity.

In Addition, hardly any technology and an abrasion-free slat running deck mean that the treadmill barely needs any maintenance. Due to the absence of a motor, the treadmill is also particularly quiet.

If you are looking to reach your fullest potencial as an athlete and you want to learn more about sport science, vbt and how to improve your training routine, we have lots of articles that can help you achieve your goal. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Leave a comment or contact us here.

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