How To Recruit Athletes for Your Team

In previous blog articles we have seen what characteristics athletes must have for them to be recruited for a team. In this post we are going to focus on how we should carry out this recruitment process, what are the main variables to take into account and what we should focus on. Recruiting athletes is […]

All About the Bat’s Exit Velocity and How to Improve It

What is Bat Exit Velocity and Why is it So Important in Baseball and Softball? Image taken from Chris Chow (Unsplash) Bat velocity is the speed with which the ball leaves the bat just after the impact  (Nicholls, Elliott, Miller, & Koh, 2003). Exit velocity is one of the main metrics taken into account in […]

Should I Work Out with Sore Muscles?

Before you know if you should train with stiffness, what is it? Image taken from Bruce Mars (Unsplash) Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a functional muscle disorder caused by eccentric muscle contractions or unknown forms of exercise (Hotfiel et al., 2018). By performing biopsies at the muscular level, it has been proven that there […]

The Basics of Periodization Training in Sports

Periodization of training in sport: what is it and where does it come from? Image taken by Joel Muniz (Unsplash) The periodization of training is the tool that coaches have for athletes to respond to the training load with beneficial adaptations for their sports performance (Medicine, 2013). If the load used is less than necessary, […]

How Many Days A Week Should I Train?

Image by Jonathan Borba (Unsplash) How did you plan to study for an exam? Most students focus on studying the days leading up to the test, but they know that they would do much better if they spread out those hours of study over the months. Many of us have experienced the end result firsthand: […]

Types of Strength Training Periodization and Its Benefits

Differences between planning, periodization and scheduling Image extracted from There are three terms that are often confused when we want to capture in a calendar the objectives of the training and the sessions that we are going to carry out to achieve it. Planning, periodization, and scheduling are often interchanged, but each term refers […]

What is the Lactate Threshold and How to Test It?

Lactate threshold refers to a person’s ability to perform aerobic exercises the fastest they can before the fatigue kicks in. Exercises performed close to this threshold lead to a sudden rise in blood lactate levels. Blood lactate is usually 1-2 mmol/L when you rest or perform low-intensity training. However, it rises to over 20mmol/L when […]

Best Endurance Training For Runners

Running is rarely approached the same way as strength training. It is often taken as unplanned jogs around the block, followed by sprints. But in actuality, running workouts that are targeted towards your specific fitness goals – for example, improving your sprint speed, getting fitter, or training for a marathon – make a big difference. […]

Olympic Weightlifting Women: Training And Accomplishments

Many people wonder how well women can do when it comes to weightlifting. If you look at the achievements of Olympic weightlifting women, you will not hesitate to admit that they can be serious kinds of weight lifters. Their athleticism is top-of-the-line. This is why the women who go well in this department are up […]

What Is Aerobic Endurance and How To Improve It

Whether you’re taking on long-distance runs, triathlons, swimming, or cycles, endurance training will ensure you’ll last the distance and reach your goals. It might be less obvious, but endurance training is primarily aerobic exercise. This is an exercise that can be performed for longer than a few minutes without collapsing. Your heart pumps oxygenated blood […]