Pete Burridge

Pete Burridge is a senior strength & conditioning coach at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club in the U.K. A graduate of Loughborough University, he previously spent time working at Leicester City FC coaching elite level footballers and at Exeter University with athletes from a multitude of sports including athletics, golf, lacrosse, and rowing. Pete, now works within rugby developing strength, speed, and power qualities in international level rugby players. He can be contacted on Twitter on @peteburridge and on email at pete.burridge@tigers.co.uk.

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The 1×20 Program Training Method

A bit of history of the 1x20 training method Dr. Michael Yessis popularized the 1x20 method, and his is the original method. Since he exposed it to the sports community many adaptations have been made by coaches for different sports and athletes. Dr. Yessis is a...

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