1RM Prediction and progression: A Sneek Peek into monitoring strategies

1RM is one of the most important metrics – perhaps even the most important metric – that all strength athletes must monitor. Join me as I pull back the curtain and provide a sneak peek into several novel strategies addressing how to work up to a top single, predict 1RM, and progress 1RM using velocity […]

Quantify Proximity to Failure

Autoregulating Volume With Absolute Velocity Stops: A Solution to Accurately Quantify Proximity to Failure Currently, the most commonly employed method of volume autoregulation is the RPE stop; however, it is limited by its inability to accurately quantify proximity to failure. Join me as I address six different examples of employing absolute velocity stops as a […]

Lose less to win more: A comprehensive examination of the velocity loss literature

Velocity Loss

The velocity loss literature provides valuable insight on how far from failure the majority of training should occur, but it isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Join me as I address how to integrate the velocity loss data into the proximity to failure data in order to provide the optimal RPE ranges depending on […]

Systematically individualizing load prescription

Load Autoregulation with VBT

Each method of load prescription is typically thought of as a separate practice; either you prescribe load as a percentage of 1RM, with RPE, or using velocity. Join me as I address how we can integrate all three load prescription methods by formulating first and last rep velocity tables in order to systematically individualize load […]