Landyn Hickmott

Landyn Hickmott, MS, CSCS Powerlifting Athlete, Coach, & Researcher Landyn Hickmott is an emerging researcher specializing in individualization, autoregulation, and velocity-based training as it pertains to the sport of powerlifting. Formerly, he was a semiprofessional hockey player in the Western Hockey League. Currently, he is a nationally-qualified powerlifter in the Canadian Powerlifting Union and a graduate researcher in the Muscle Physiology Lab at Florida Atlantic University. He will be graduating with a thesis-based Master’s of Science in August and will be pursuing a PhD at the University of Saskatchewan in January. Landyn created Individualized Adaptive Powerlifting Programming; a holistic training system that conceptually integrates RPE and VBT in order to develop an individualized and adaptive model that is optimally customized for each powerlifting athlete. Connect with Landyn here! landyn_hickmott9@hotmail.com