8-Weeks Strength and Conditioning Workouts for Athletes


Strength building and body conditioning through VBT training or Velocity Based Training require a commitment to a complete workout regimen. For that purpose, various training strategies have been developed. And since it is the season of transformation, you will want to choose a plan that helps you reestablish your connection with the body.

The workout strategy we are going to discuss here aims at helping with strength and conditioning. You will also lose weight in the process. This plan involves fitness training for 45-60 minutes three days a week for eight weeks. The equipment required for this workout includes dumbbells, barbells, a resistance machine, and a medicine ball. Some exercises involve using your body weight.


What’s Included in the 8-Week Strength and Conditioning Workout Plan?

VBT training delivers results, but commitment is the key. Workout plans like this 8-week strength and conditioning workout program exist to help you stay focused and more aware of what you will get in the end. So, if you want to bring significant changes to your current physique by increasing muscle mass and strength and shedding all those extra pounds, this workout strategy can help.

In general, this 8-week plan helps its user achieve:

  • Low body fat
  • Optimum strength
  • Stamina and speed


How is This S&C Plan Structured?

The main aim of this workout program is to help people with time constraints achieve their fitness objectives. This is why this program necessitates performing workouts only three days a week. Hence, you will be able to change your physique drastically without going to the gym every day.

This entire workout program has been structured into two phases of four weeks each. The workouts included in the program mainly engage your core during all movements. Here is a quick breakdown of the categories of workouts included in this program.

  • Push exercises: This category includes bench presses and overhead presses.
  • Pull exercises: This category includes exercises that involve pulling or rowing weight towards your chest.
  • Squat: Back and front squats
  • Deadlift You can choose from numerous exercise variations depending on your capabilities, preferences, and, more importantly, objectives.

With the help of a workout program that includes exercises from the categories mentioned above, you will be able to train every major muscle group to develop a good level of strength and agility.


8 Weeks of Training to Help You Build Strength and Fitness and Achieve Weight Loss

Weeks 1-4 of your S&C workout

During this phase, you will work all your major muscles with workouts aimed at building strength. Additionally, you will perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to boost calorie burning and attack fat cells in the body through Velocity Based Training.

Here is the overview of the workout plan for a week:

  • Monday: HIIT and strength training
  • Wednesday: Strength training
  • Friday: HIIT and strength training



Weeks 5-8 of your S&C workout

If the first phase is the foundation, the second phase is what helps you achieve the main goal of this entire program. The first four weeks help you become a stronger, fitter, and more motivated person to keep up with the program requirements. Therefore, the second phase is developed to be a bit more challenging. This phase also involves working out for three days. You will be performing different variations of high-intensity resistance training all these days.

High-intensity resistance training is the most effective workout to promote fat burning. This training technique includes strength and conditioning workouts and cardio to amplify the fat riddance. In the meantime, it helps you build muscles.

Here is how high-intensity resistance training (HIRT) favors your body.

  • It increases energy consumption during the workout, burning calories at a faster rate.
  • It boosts the production of muscle cells responsible for fat burning, also known as muscle mitochondria.
  • The afterburn effect of this workout continues to burn body fats for 24 hours after the workout.
  • It boosts muscle metabolism, helping you burn even more of your body fat.

It is worth mentioning that high-intensity resistance training is tough. That is why it is not included in the first phase.

The reason high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is excluded from the second phase is that it is already a part of the HIRT technique. However, performing HIIT separately won’t be counterproductive if you want to add some more intensity to your workout.


Strength and Conditioning workouts


Some Strength and Conditioning Workout Tips

The above strength and conditioning workouts have everything in terms of training to help you build strength and lose extra fats. However, you will need to take care of a few things to get the results you want.


Remember, body transformation doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to wait for the results and continue working out with rigor. Hence, if you have not been consistent with your physical activities before committing to this training program, now is the time to develop this helpful behavioral attribute.

Active and Healthy Lifestyle

You cannot be good in the gym or field while being lethargic the rest of the time. Moreover, you will have to shun all the unhealthy habits that led you to have body fat. A few simple steps like doing home chores, parking far away from your workplace, and playing a sport can help you gain big from this 8-week strength and conditioning program.

Avoiding complacency

The purpose of any workout program, including this 8-week program, is to bring a behavioral change. This behavioral change is characterized by a consistent effort to do better. While in the gym, you can challenge your physical abilities by choosing heavier weights and moving faster.


Wrapping Up

The 8-week program based on strength and conditioning workouts described above can help you achieve your fitness goals that otherwise seem unreachable. However, the key is to remain committed to this regimen and challenge your physical and mental abilities to do better. Not only will this help you with your fitness goals, but you will also notice a positive change in your lifestyle.

This workout program will do wonder if you measure your workouts. This involves measuring everything, from sets to reps to how fast you move the weights or your body. For this reason, using a measuring device like Vitruve  can go a long way toward your fitness goals. This small-sized device measures your movements and displays their detail on your phone screen. The accurate calculations of this device are well-supported by an intelligently programmed application.

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