Best supplements for athletes

Physical exercise has become an exceptional strategy for improving people’s quality of life and extending life expectancy (1). In addition, physical exercise provides a number of benefits that are similar to any type of drug, be it an antidepressant or an anti-inflammatory. In today’s world, physical exercise is part of the daily routine of a […]

Why It Is Important To Improve Velocity In Weight Training?

This is a question that many athletes may ask themselves at some point in their sports career. By improving my velocity in lifting, will I improve my sports development? How does improving velocity in my weight training benefit me? How do I improve my velocity? Keep reading if you want to know more! In addition […]

Who is Bryan Mann, the creator of velocity-based training?

Velocity-based training has become a revolution in recent decades. From the hands of sports science researchers such as Bryan Mann, but also González Badillo, Cronin, Jonathon Weakley, Langfort, Banyard… and a multitude of authors and studies that have endowed velocity-based training, a proven validity and efficacy that greatly outperforms other previous training models such as […]