Relationship between the Fatigue and the Velocity Loss of a Set

One of the great problems that training has today is to measure the effect that a stimulus has on the body. For doing so, we can measure the fatigue we have accumulated. The body responds to stimulus by adapting to them, and this is how we gain strength. But, how do we know what stimulus […]

The intensity: Velocity of a Lift and Effort Character

Currently, the method used to express the intensity of lifting a load is the % of 1 RM. As we have explained in previous articles, the 1 RM of each exercise is a good method to know our fitness, and the velocity of execution allows us to know it without having to do a maximum […]

How to Estimate 1 Rep Max with Mean Velocity

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How to estimate 1 Rep max with mean Velocity As I said in previous articles, there are different ways of quantifying what is the daily status of a person for a particular exercise. So far, one of them, which has been used is the maximum repetition (1MR). Basically, it consists in lifting the maximum possible […]