What do I do if something is missing from the package?

Write to [email protected] Send photos and/or videos of what you have received, and if something is missing, we will send it to you.

What do I do if the device is defective?

Write to [email protected] We test all the devices before sending them. But if it has arrived defective, contact us and send photos and/or videos of the device state, and we will change it!

What guarantee does it have?

The guarantee lasts for 2 years. The guarantee covers any failure that has to do with a manufacturing defect. It does not cover breaks due to falls, water, or due to customer misuse. In any case write to us at [email protected] telling us what happened, attaching photos and/or videos of the device status so that we can help you out.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem with the app?

Text us to [email protected] explaining your problem. Please, make sure to specify your operative system (iOS or Android), what device you have, the version of the app and the version of the operative system. Attached as many pictures or videos as necessary to describe your problem to speed up the process.