Why we don’t support Android anymore

Written by Oscar Repiso

2 May, 2020

Written by Oscar Repiso

2 May, 2020

Written by Oscar Repiso

2 May, 2020


Since the end of 2019 we stopped supporting Android, but with these two new applications (coach and athlete), after the rebranding to Vitruve, we stopped updating the Android app, in fact, on this platform there will be no rebranding or coach application, it will still be Speed4lifts.


This is very bad news for us, but it is a necessary decision for the survival of the company.


From Speed4lifts and now Vitruve, we have always tried to offer the best customer support, having a 2 years warranty, 30 days free return, even replacing the encoder in record time if anything fails, besides uploading periodic updates with bug fixes.


We try to give the support that we would like to be given by the companies, and this decision of not giving any more support to Android, takes away from us a lot in this aspect.


You will be able to use the Android app as always with your device, if the app works well for you there is no problem, but in case of having any issue with it, we won´t be able to update and repair it.


It’s a must to understand that we are a small startup, which was born from the hand of two founders, without external investment or a large initial capital, simply building a good product and with the support and confidence of the first customers, who made it possible to start.


The first application was developed in Android, and the reason is that me, Oscar, knew better this programming language than the one used to develop in iOS, so, for speed and simplicity, we decided to make it in Android, and test if there were customers interested in our product.


We quickly saw how the demand from customers grew, many of them asked us about the iOS application, so I learned this language and built the iPhone application.


As we grew little by little, we started to detect the first problems in Android, since it was a platform with hundreds of different devices, with different manufacturers even different operating systems, it was almost impossible to keep up with the resources we had.


This prevented us from continuing to make new features that customers asked us (things as basic as deleting bad repetitions), since we spent 80% of the time correcting errors for Android users.


Although the course of the company has been correct, and always with our own resources, it is not enough to maintain 2 fully functional applications, since it would require at least 2 full-time programmers for each platform (2 Android and 2 iOS), plus another person from databases.


Nowadays, we don’t even have that team, but we have 2 iOS programmers and occasional jobs from programming agencies.


It was then when we had to make the decision to opt for a single platform, develop it with the new features that customers ask us, in order to have someday, the best product on the market, and that’s when we would replicate what was achieved in Android.


On the other hand, the development of an application is a trial and error, develop something, test it with customers, and if you do not like to change it, so, do that on two platforms and make two mistakes, is a cost overrun that we can not assume.


This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later, because as soon as we can, we will support Android.


When? Well, we do not know, everything depends on the smooth running of the company, and that we continue to grow as fast as we have been doing in recent years.


I hope that our situation is clear, and that you understand that it is a decision born from the idea of giving a better support and a better product to our customers, because trying to cover both, we would not advance at all, and in the end, we would be left behind.


As always, you can leave us your comments here below or write to us privately so that we can give you personalized attention.


See you at the next post!

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