The effects of biological sex on fatigue recovery from resistance exercise

Since I started working with both female and male athletes, this topic has been one of the most discussed and asked to me, especially from female coaches and athletes; are we going to work like the men’s team do? And my answer has been changing from one end to the other really quickly. We expect […]

How to recover faster and better

One of the most covered topics in the sports realm is how to recover faster and better. The ability to recover determines everything that surrounds training and getting better, this is the one topic, where more is better, and faster is better. The “more” and the faster you can recover from any stressor, the sooner […]

5 ways to use VBT for any Strength Coach

5 ways to use VBT as a coach

Velocity based training is starting to be a more common tool in the strength and conditioning world, something that we use to barely see in the best facilities around the world, now we can see it even in commercial gyms. However, it’s still a tool that seems to be complicated to apply to sports and […]