The 7 Biggest Mistakes Novice Female Powerlifters Make

The weight room has seen a growth in female attendance, including participation within the formal sport of powerlifting. While stereotypes and barriers for women still exist in strength sports, gone are the days when lifting weights was only seen as a male domain. Strength sports are becoming increasingly popular and participated in amongst women of […]

Velocity Based Training – A Beginner’s Guide

“Velocity”, “Velocity Based Training”, and “VBT” are terms popping up more and more in the strength and conditioning field and are being put into practice by coaches and athletes across the globe. But what exactly is it? Where do you begin? Velocity Based Training. What’s That? Of course, an understanding to what Velocity Based Training […]

How to get started on Velocity-Based Training with Vitruve

How to start with VBT

So, you are interested in beginning your journey with Vitruve, and implementing Velocity-Based Training. Congratulations! Whether you are an athlete or coach, Velocity-Based training can be a powerful tool to gain valuable data and real-time feedback to inform training and improve performance. “Velocity Based Training? What is that?” I remember the first time I saw […]

4 Questions Answered about Velocity-Based Training

Curious about Velocity-Based Training? Don’t know where to start? We’ve got answers, and as an athlete, I’m here to help you out. What is the Science Behind Velocity Based Training? Evidence suggests that the higher the velocity achieved against a given load, the greater the intensity and training effect Velocity-Based Training (simply put) is a […]