8-Weeks Strength and Conditioning Workouts for Athletes

Strength and Conditioning workouts

Strength building and body conditioning through VBT training or Velocity Based Training require a commitment to a complete workout regimen. For that purpose, various training strategies have been developed. And since it is the season of transformation, you will want to choose a plan that helps you reestablish your connection with the body. The workout strategy we […]

The Importance Of Measuring Your Glutes and Hamstrings Workout

glutes and hamstrings workout

Football or soccer require an athlete to use all his strength and power when sprinting, jumping, maintaining the offense when running through the opponents, or tackling others at the line of scrimmage. The critical muscles that are used the most during this game are the glutes and hamstrings. Therefore, not only does training these muscles […]

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) As an Indicator for Sport Analysis

heart rate variability

The number of people in the fitness domain taking interest in heart rate variability (HRV) continues to grow every year. This term has gained popularity since the improvement in smartphone technology. HRV mainly represents the time variation between every heartbeat, also known as the R-R interval. This metric has been found quite helpful in training […]

Speed Bench Press Training Barbell: Technique and Benefits

Speed Bench Press

Superficially, a speed bench press is the same as a traditional bench press, only faster. However, the speed factor alone changes the game protocols significantly. The primary purpose of the speed bench press is to enhance your upper body’s ability to push loads explosively. A typical bench press enhances strength and power in the muscles […]

Callisthenics Workout Program For Beginners

calisthenics for beginners

One of the best parts of being a beginner in the world of athletic sports and training is finding out what your body can do. Callisthenics is bodyweight training in which your body’s interactions with gravity create resistance. These workouts are important for athletes from all walks of life and from all levels of experience. […]

How to Master the Medicine Ball Slam Throw Technique

medicine ball throw

Do you want to enhance your overall strength and power? If yes, one of the ways to do this is performing medicine ball slam throws. This particular workout aims to improve overall cardiovascular conditioning, improve athletic performance, and develop core strength in a multi-directional way. Now, you may wonder how this workout can help develop […]

Weight Lifting Technology VBT for High-Performance Athletes

weight lifting technology

The use of tracking devices in weight lifting workouts has become more commonplace in recent years. More specifically, these devices continue to help velocity-based training evolve more than ever. Now, a brief look at VBT might leave you wondering if you need technology at all to improve the speed of your workout. But the fact is the […]

What To Expect When Using VBT With Your Triple Extension Exercises

triple extension

The primary goal of a majority of intense workout regimens is to build power and speed. If you are a professional athlete, you will want your workouts to increase your ability to jump higher, run faster, and push off harder. One of the kinds of workout programs you can engage in for gaining these abilities […]

Velocity based training explained: the science behind it

Velocity based training explained

Several tools have started to show up on the market in recent years to help you measure your power and speed during resistance training workouts. The best thing about these tools is their benefits extend beyond the provision of figures that tell you where you stand. The most important thing of all is a progressing […]

The Benefits Of Using Safety Squat Bar For Better Results

safety squat bar

While high Back Squats became the king of all lower-body exercises, many coaches are now hesitant to include them in their programmes, citing potential lower-back injuries as a reason. Some coaches go so far as to exclude all heavy bilateral squats from their athletes’ strength training in favour of Single-Leg Squat variations. But how can […]