Discovering Whether Training to Failure Is Necessary for Muscle Growth

Discovering Whether Training to Failure Is Necessary for Muscle Growth

The old hands from the gym only know one thing: that execution to muscle failure (in addition to strain and tension) should be a prerequisite for the muscle growth stimulus. This means that if you do not do push-ups, squats, or other exercises to the point of complete fatigue, you will hardly achieve muscle growth. […]

The 1×20 Program Training Method

The 1×20 Program Training Method A bit of history of the 1×20 training method Dr. Michael Yessis popularized the 1×20 method, and his is the original method. Since he exposed it to the sports community many adaptations have been made by coaches for different sports and athletes. Dr. Yessis is a biomechanical and athletic performance […]

Building Muscle: Anabolic Vs Catabolic Process

In the field of training focused on hypertrophy, there are many fundamental variables for these gains in muscle mass to take place. Knowing the main hypertrophic mechanisms (mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage) and controlling each of the training variables (volume, intensity, frequency, etc.) must be the basis of good planning in order to […]

Progressive Overload Training with A VBT Encoder

progressive overload training

The process of building muscle mass is simple. First, you stress your muscles by lifting weights. Then your body reacts to that stress by building more muscle mass and making your muscles bigger and stronger. The longer you lift the heavier and heavier weights, the more your muscles will continue to grow bigger and stronger. […]

Design Team Workouts for Strength and Conditioning

Design Team Workouts for Strength and Conditioning Professional athletes have to work exceptionally hard to achieve strength and power at a competitive level. But they are not alone in their endeavor. Each of their moves has to be properly strategized and managed, something which is possible only with professional coaching. The most essential role of […]

Tapering and Peaking For Strength and Conditioning

tapering and peaking

The reason athletes spend countless hours in the gym to train their bodies is to prepare for one precise moment in which they show their strength, power, and force to secure victory. This moment of truth in which you show your ultimate physical attributes is called peaking. It is the moment a bodybuilder’s entire training […]

Top 5 Exercises You Must Include In Your Leg Day Routine

Your legs contain a lot of muscle in the human body and as a result, strong legs are important for many sports and athleticism. The gym does not get the respect it deserves (especially because squats are heavy!) But for athletic performance and health, it is probably the most important. Before trying out difficult exercises, […]

The Effective Way To Train The Kettlebell Swing Exercise

kettlebell swings muscles worked

Quick overview: Over the past decade, Kettlebell swings have grown in popularity as a fast-moving full-body exercise. Initially, they were used to measure the weight of various goods, but they were later used in strength competitions. Today, they are popular in gymnastics such as CrossFit and athletic training programs. Because they are simple and easy to […]

The Most Efficient Barbell Exercises

barbell exercises

There are many reasons why people choose barbell exercises. Some try to build muscle, lose weight, or compete in bodybuilding. Other great consumers of this activity are athletes, as exercise continues to be a part of any sport. Athletes always want that competition, particularly in the off-season. The best way to attain this is by […]

Building An Effective Circuit Training Workout

circuit training

Build muscle, stay stronger, improve your stamina, and burn fat- all at the same time with effective circuit training. Getting your body in shape must be time-consuming. You need to dedicate at least a few hours a week to strength training and you need to get cardio time. Exercise methods such as HIIT and Tabatas […]